Gurgaon has been buzzing with activity in terms of Commercial, Industrial as well gathering strength from a multitude of corporations already establishing their operations in Gurgaon and more and more joining the bandwagon. The growth of the city both in terms of landscape as well as commercial activities have been consistently going hand in glove for the past two decades. The growth story seems to continue with more and more organizations wanting to be present in Gurgaon, giving rise to employment opportunities as well as overall growth. This economic boom for the city has led to the real estate boom within the city. While the two categories of real estate, namely, residential, and commercial both have been seeing growth over the last 2 decades in Gurgaon. Some asset classes have seen more growth than the others. In this article we are exploring the asset classes that have truly beaten the market and grown exponentially to become the perfect assets to invest in. Bestech Plots in Gurgaon are likely to come up in the future offering great opportunity to invest as an end user as well as an investor.

We are talking about Residential Land as an asset class or more commonly referred to as Residential Plots or Plots in Gurgaon. As an asset class, Residential Plots seems to be very interesting for multitude of reasons. First off, it is a low maintenance asset. By low maintenance, we mean, that the annual maintenance costs of maintaining a residential plot is much lower than some of the other residential or commercial assets. The Common Area Maintenance charges on all other assets including apartments, office spaces, retail spaces etc. are all much higher than what exists in plots, not to mention other kind of maintenance like repainting and building maintenance costs etc, which is non-existent in case of Residential Plots. So, that is one sure winner. Now coming to some of the other factors, Residential Plots in comparison to some of the other residential assets like built up houses, apartments or builder floors have a lower off take when it comes to buying and selling.

The asset class of Residential Plots is one of the most traded asset class with an easy entry and exit. The reason is simple, firstly, this asset class remains a key raw material for other local builders who like to build multiple floors on a piece of residential plot and sell further to individual home buyers. Secondly, the residential plots remain as an interesting asset to invest for individuals looking to only park their money for capital gains rather than maintaining an apartment or any other built-up asset. Another interesting factor in Residential Plots are appealing for being an aspiration for most of the end users to have their own private bungalow or a home with land and the sky being available to them exclusively.

One of the exciting new opportunities is to invest in Deen Dayal Plots in Gurgaon. These are plots developed by private developers under the DDJAY Scheme offering affordable residential plots for end users and investors. Amongst the various developers that may be launching Deen Dayal Plots in Gurgaon, there is one name that is not only credible with a proven track record but also a consistent real estate developer of Gurgaon. Bestech Plots in Gurgaon will be launched soon to delight the consumers with a wonderful opportunity to invest for self use and for investment.